Wearable & Fixed Weapons Detection (WFWD)

See Threats Before They Happen

What is Wearable & Fixed Weapons Detection?

Our WFWD is for wide-ranging systems (devices and software) using Fixed and Wearable Short Range Detectors identifying threats from people with a fever or carrying Weapons.

Applications Include:

The wearable WFWDs provide mobile threat detection perfect for body guards, security guards, and law enforcement. 

The fixed WFWDs can help secure events and buildings such as churches, airports, synagogues, schools, malls, sports stadiums, public events and crowded areas. 

Bodyguard opening car door
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Technology Summary:

hangun on a dark surface
man holding a knife
man pulling a handgun out of a backpack
people in masks on crowded street

1 - Someone Has a Gun

silhouettes of people in a crowd and a man with a concealed weapon

2 - Threat is Detected

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